Putting Staff First: A blueprint for a revitalised profession

Putting Staff First: A blueprint for a revitalised profession

By John Tomsett, Jonny Uttley

Published 22 Apr 2020

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If we do not ensure, first and foremost, that our teachers are feeling physically and mentally well, they cannot be their best for their students. Consequently, a school which does not prioritise staff wellbeing is disadvantaging its own students. 'Students first' is a misplaced sentiment: the best thing for students is a happy, healthy, motivated, well-trained, expert staff. By putting staff first you are providing for students the one thing which will help them make good progress in their learning: truly great teaching. Whilst it is easy to say that schools would not exist if it were not for the students, the glib converse is that without truly great school staff, the students would not be taught. What we need - as recruiting subject specialist teachers, school leaders and specialist support staff becomes increasingly difficult - is a revolution in how we treat our school staff. We have to put our staff before our students because it is the only hope we have of securing what our students need most: a world class education. The longer our schools are populated with hypoxic adults, we imperial all our futures. What follows is a blueprint for the school system which puts our school staff before students.
John Tomsett taught for 33 years in state schools and was a teaching secondary headteacher for 18 years. He writes a blog called This Much I Know and has written extensively about school leadership. He has published 10 books, including: Love Over Fear: Creating a Culture for Truly Great Teaching; Putting Staff First: A Blueprint for Revitalising our Schools (with Jonny Uttley); Cognitive Apprenticeship in Action (editor); Huh: Curriculum conversations between subject and senior leaders; Primary Huh: Curriculum conversations with subject leaders in primary schools; Primary Huh 2: Primary curriculum leadership conversations; SEND Huh: Curriculum conversations with SEND leaders; and Alternative Provision Huh: Curriculum conversations with AP leaders (all with Mary Myatt).

He maintains that the best thing for our students is that our teachers are happy, healthy, well-qualified, highly motivated, hard-working, well-trained experts. Consequently, he believes we should put staff first.

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  • Author John Tomsett,Jonny Uttley
  • ISBN 9781912906840
  • No. of Pages 172
  • Format Paperback
  • Publication Date 22 Apr 2020