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Presenting Children to Maths: Stronger Character for Better Learning

Presenting Children to Maths: Stronger Character for Better Learning

By David Shattock

Published 22 Sep 2023

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Mathematics is not a universally popular subject, neither within nor outside of school. There are those who love it but many do not, and it is not uncommon for people to take a perverse pride in being bad at it.

This book argues that, while much-needed improvements to mathematics teaching are necessary to address such issues, they are insufficient without also imbuing children with the character required to learn it effectively. Teachers of mathematics are responsible not only for applying skilful pedagogy but also for developing a productive learning culture within the mathematics classroom. We need to consider the emotional and social impact on children of teachers' own attitudes and beliefs about mathematics and how children should be taught it.

Sometimes provocative and irreverent but always stimulating and lucid, Presenting Children to Maths is an original and profound discussion about how students' ability and success in mathematics depends largely on how their disposition and will are shaped towards learning it.
David Shattock has taught mathematics in primary and secondary schools, in the state and independent sectors and to boys, girls and mixed-gender classes. He has a master's degree in Mathematics Education from University College London. He has held various posts in schools, including head of mathematics and assessment manager. He lives in London.
  • Author David Shattock
  • ISBN 9781398390027
  • No. of Pages 260
  • Format Paperback
  • Publication Date 22 Sep 2023