Learning to Learn by Knowing Your Brain: A Guide for Students

Learning to Learn by Knowing Your Brain: A Guide for Students

By Héctor Ruiz Martín

Published 13 Oct 2023

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Did you know that science has revealed what actions and circumstances make your brain learn more effectively?

In this book, a scientist explains in a simple and very entertaining way how your brain learns and what you can do to take advantage of its full potential.

Among other things, you will find out that:

- Both people who are good at learning and those who are not can improve their performance if they use the right learning strategies: those that align with the way the brain learns best!

- Most students do not know these strategies and those who spontaneously develop them gain a huge advantage without even realizing it.

- Your brain is much more powerful than you realize in terms of its ability to learn. Every time you learn something, your brain changes its structure!

When you learn about how the brain learns, you learn to learn!
Héctor Ruiz Martín is director of the International Science Teaching Foundation. Biologist and researcher in the fields of cognitive psychology of memory and learning, he has been a teacher at both the high school and university level. His scientific career was developed in research centers in the United States such as the University of Washington and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA) in California.

In the last fifteen years, he has worked on the development of educational resources based on scientific evidence around learning, which have reached hundreds of thousands of students in Europe and America. In addition, he has been an advisor to various governments and educational institutions in Spain, Asia, and Latin America.
  • Author Héctor Ruiz Martín
  • ISBN 9781036005047
  • No. of Pages 140
  • Format Paperback
  • Publication Date 13 Oct 2023