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Capstone: Inquiry & Action at School

Capstone: Inquiry & Action at School

By Nina Leacock, Jon Calos

Published 20 Sep 2021

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Capstone: Inquiry & Action at School addresses the what, why, and how of capstone education.
Capstone programs are modern rituals that give meaning back to "schooling” and create transformative relationships between students and teachers. Capstone programs energize schools and can point the way for institutional change.
Written by teachers for teachers, Capstone contains ready-to-implement materials derived from decades of experience in the classroom. The authors share authentic narratives of failure and success to encourage teachers who are engaged in the risks and rewards of deep learning.
Capstone is implementable. Capstone offers concrete tips and templates for teachers. Capstone collects in one place all the resources a teacher needs to build a program from the ground up.
Capstone is compelling. Written by teachers, Capstone communicates through a shared experience of the classroom. Capstone offers support for teachers who are committed to authentic student learning.
Capstone is connected. Capstone shares emerging practices being developed by current capstone educators and informed by the collected wisdom of the National Capstone Consortium.
  • Author Nina Leacock,Jon Calos
  • ISBN 9781913622664
  • No. of Pages 300
  • Format Paperback
  • Publication Date 20 Sep 2021