The A-Z of Special Educational Needs

The A-Z of Special Educational Needs

By Neil Maslen, Lindsay Cooper-Smith

Published 15 Nov 2024

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The A - Z of Special Educational Needs is a treasure trove of advice and guidance for SENCOs, teachers, support staff and leaders, organised around the 26 letters of the English alphabet.


'As teachers we all know pupils learn at different rates and require different levels and types of support at different points in their education in order to succeed. Skilful assessment allows teachers to ascertain what children know, what their barriers might be and what they need to learn next. Adapting teaching in a responsive way to this knowledge, by providing targeted support to pupils who are struggling, is likely to increase pupil success.'

Neil Maslen & Lindsay Cooper-Smith
Neil Maslen is the Director of Education for Speech and Language UK, a charity which focuses on helping children with speech and language challenges:

With a diverse leadership background, Neil has thrived in various roles, from Head of College in a large London secondary school to SENCO and headteacher in the south west of England. He applied this experience in his previous role as Education and Standards Manager at a large multi-academy trust, where he empowered and guided headteachers across primary and secondary schools to drive school improvement. Neil's passion lies in supporting vulnerable children and nurturing the development of staff, helping them reach their full potential as teachers, leaders, and SENCOs.

Lindsay Cooper-Smith is the Director of Inclusion for a large primary multi academy trust in the south west. Lindsay has a real passion for inclusion which drives her to champion every child.

Lindsay has worked in a variety of schools across the city of Plymouth and has always been drawn to supporting the most vulnerable children. As a SENCo she loved to work with families and collaborate with other agencies to maximise impact. Lindsay helped to develop a provision to support primary aged children at risk of exclusion within the city. This provision grew to offer outreach and forest school and was recommended and partially funded by the local authority.
  • Author Neil Maslen,Lindsay Cooper-Smith
  • ISBN 9781036004958
  • No. of Pages 200
  • Format Paperback
  • Publication Date 15 Nov 2024