Small and mighty: Conversations about the opportunities and challenges of small primary schools.

Small and mighty: Conversations about the opportunities and challenges of small primary schools.

By Mary Myatt, Aimée Tinkler

Published 07 Feb 2025

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This book delves into the dynamic landscape of small educational institutions. Through insightful and compelling conversations from a wide range of teachers, leaders and other stakeholders associated with small schools, this book explores the unique advantages and obstacles faced by small schools in today's educational landscape.

From fostering close-knit communities to navigating resource limitations, Small and Mighty illuminates the often-overlooked strengths and complexities of these institutions. Whether you're an educator, a trust leader or simply intrigued by the power of small-scale learning environments, this book offers valuable perspectives on how these schools continue to thrive and innovate amidst challenges, ultimately showcasing their resilience and impact on students and communities alike.
Mary Myatt is an education adviser, writer and speaker. She trained as an RE teacher and is a former local authority adviser and inspector. She engages with pupils, teachers and leaders about learning, leadership and the curriculum.

Mary has written extensively about leadership, school improvement and the curriculum. Her current work focuses on the Huh Curriculum series for primary, secondary and SEND alongside the Huh Academy with John Tomsett.

She has established Myatt & Co, an online platform with films for ongoing professional development including the popular Primary Subject Networks and Secondary Subject Networks. Her most recent work is the development of The Teachers' Collection, underpinned by the findings from the 'Faster Read' research from the University of Sussex.

Mary is a patron of CAPE, and has been a governor in three schools and a trustee for a multi-academy trust. She maintains that there are no quick fixes and that great outcomes for pupils are not achieved through tick boxes.
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Aimée Tinkler has been a teacher for over 20 years during which time she has taught and led in schools in a variety of circumstances and contexts. Most recently, Aimée has become an advocate for small and rural schools after spending 10 years teaching and leading in very small schools in rural Derbyshire. Aimée has worked with many organisations across the wider sector in an advisory capacity as well as designing content, designing and facilitating the current suite of NPQs, and sitting on the Ofsted Small Schools Task Force. She is closely involved with the work of the Chartered College of Teaching where she is president-elect, a founding fellow and chair of a number of committees. Aimée is engaged in doctoral research at UCL Institute of Education and has published research with a number of organisations including The British Council. Aimée contributes regularly to education media and shares her work at events across the country.
  • Author Mary Myatt,Aimée Tinkler
  • ISBN 9781036002695
  • No. of Pages 200
  • Format Paperback
  • Publication Date 07 Feb 2025