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Traditional Math: An effective strategy that teachers feel guilty using

Traditional Math: An effective strategy that teachers feel guilty using

By Barry Garelick, J. R. Wilson

Published 07 Oct 2022

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"Despite experiencing our teaching in different times, we are both oriented to traditional math teaching. It wasn't because we were both taught that way, as some may believe, but because that method worked for us and we have seen it work for our students. It is efficient, effective, non-confusing and helped our students develop mathematical reasoning, understanding, and confidence. Most importantly it helped them to be successful."

So begins the book on traditional math, which provides a glimpse of what explicit instruction looks like in the classroom for grades K through 8. Barry Garelick and J.R. Wilson are retired math teachers who describe the methods of traditionally taught math that they used in their teaching. Their descriptions serve two purposes: 1) It provides assurance to teachers who may already practice these methods that they are not alone, and 2) For others, it may provide some new ideas.
Barry Garelick taught 7th and 8th grade math for ten years as a second career after retiring from the federal government where he worked in environmental protection. He majored in math at University of Michigan. He is the author of several books on math education, including his most recent, Out on Good Behavior: Teaching math while looking over your shoulder, published by John Catt. He and his wife reside in the central coast area of California.

J.R. Wilson has thirty plus years' experience working in public education as an elementary classroom teacher, middle and high school math teacher, state department of education curriculum consultant, regional educational service agency staff development coordinator, and elementary principal. As a team member he has been involved in writing science and math standards. He has served on the Executive Committee of a math advocacy group in Washington State called Where's the Math? He has participated in and coordinated reviews of the draft Common Core Math Standards, and state standards. Even though retired now, J.R. continues to work on education issues along with other volunteer work. He and his wife are residents of the Pacific Northwest.
  • Author Barry Garelick,J. R. Wilson
  • ISBN 9781915261540
  • No. of Pages 460
  • Format Paperback
  • Publication Date 07 Oct 2022