About Us

John Catt Educational have been publishing high quality guidebooks, magazines and educator-focussed professional development books since 1959.
In recent years, our range of professional development books has secured us a place as the leading independent publisher in the sector. At present, we publish around 50 books a year and work with some of the most highly regarded educational authors in the UK. Our list of authors is impressive and includes, amongst others: former Secretary of State for Education Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP; Former Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Schools Sir Michael Wilshaw; and Sir John Dunford, former general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders.
“John Catt Educational is a superb publisher. Dedicated to education at every level, it produces worthy and inspired books in a reliable, presentable and attractive format. I have been really impressed with their innovative approach, ability to respond to all sorts of requirements and capacity to adapt to circumstances. I recommend John Catt with confidence as would many of my colleagues.” Neil Carmichael, honorary professor of Politics and Education at Nottingham University, former MP and chair of the Education Select Committee

"The contribution that John Catt is making to the library of research and development in the UK in terms of the lexicon of leadership and teaching is significant. The volume and pace of new books and new thinking being brought to the market keeps the system engaged and on its toes as school leaders reflect on the work of others to deliver better outcomes themselves." – Sir David Carter, former National Schools Commissioner for the Department of Education, UK Government

“In recent years, John Catt have established themselves as one of the leading independent publishers in the UK. They are widely respected across the education community and it has been my pleasure to work with them.” — Tom Rees, Executive Director for School Leadership at the Institute for Teaching

The latest editions of our annual guides to independent and international schools – available in the School Guides section of our online bookshop – are unrivalled in their breadth and accuracy while our professional development titles offer a rich source of information, advice and support for Heads, teachers and administrators in all types of schools around the world.

For many years the main office was situated in a converted Victorian schoolhouse, but we are now based in new offices in Melton, Woodbridge.

At John Catt we are proud of the position we hold in education and the trust schools place in us – trust that has been won through hard work, attention to detail, and the ability to be flexible and successfully adapt to the changing  world in which we live.

Meanwhile, through our imprint Peridot Press we publish books of highly respected and skilled authors across a range of topics.