The Power of Professional Learning Networks: Traversing the present; transforming the future

By Chris Brown, Graham Handscomb

Published 30 Jun 2022

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Now, more than ever, it seems that the age of professional learning networks has well and truly arrived. The rise and proliferation of digital communication, coupled with the circumstances enforced during the pandemic experience, have led to a dynamic re-imagining of Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) – both in terms of what they are for and what they can achieve. Set against this context this book provides a stimulating insight into the current state of the art of professional learning networks and the transformative difference they are poised to make to our educational future. Drawing on a wealth of expertise, each chapter is written by leading thinkers and doers in the field, and covers a range of topics and emerging areas. These include: the professional learning vistas opened up through digital opportunities; how these networks have helped to enhance teachers’ identity and sense of well-being: the new sense of practitioner ownership and partnership now at the heart of PLNs; new openings for professionalization; how PLNs have become vehicles for radically different forms of professional development and learning; and what this all means for school leadership.
  • Author Chris Brown,Graham Handscomb
  • ISBN 9781915261274
  • No. of Pages 240
  • Format Paperback
  • Publication Date 30 Jun 2022