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The 21st Century School Library: A Model for Innovative Teaching & Learning

The 21st Century School Library: A Model for Innovative Teaching & Learning

By Ryan Bani Tahmaseb

Published 05 Nov 2021

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School libraries stand at the forefront of innovation in education. Yet many teachers and administrators do not know what to make of them, much less how to best utilize their varied and valuable resources.
What if school librarians, whose field of practice has transformed in the past few decades, could show us excellent models for innovative teaching? What if the vital adaptations that school librarians have made could help other educators evolve? What if the lessons learned in the library could be scaled up to benefit all fields of practice and all students?
The 21st Century School Library takes an in-depth look at the paradigm-shifting work that school libraries are doing to advance student learning, professional development, and school-wide engagement. It explains how library-led, forward-thinking initiatives can guide all educators – teachers and administrators alike – toward transformative educational practices. It is an inspiring survey of 21st century school libraries whose guiding principles also serve as a blueprint for innovation in K-12 education.
School libraries – and all the educators associated with them – offer a compelling vision for the future of K-12 education. This book is a roadmap for how to make this vision a reality.
  • Author Ryan Bani Tahmaseb
  • ISBN 9781913622824
  • No. of Pages 200
  • Format Paperback
  • Publication Date 05 Nov 2021