Reimagining the Diary: Reflective practice as a positive tool for educator wellbeing

Reimagining the Diary: Reflective practice as a positive tool for educator wellbeing

By Lucy Kelly

Published 10 Mar 2023

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If you're in education, then you know that while there are many positives to the profession, it is also facing many challenges. This easy-to-use, accessible, and entertaining book shows us how diary-keeping can help us gain insight into our wellbeing needs and move forward in our lives, personally and professionally.

This book is the perfect starting point to explore what reflective practice means to you. From an overview of diary-keeping and why it's important for educator wellbeing, to plenty of practical tips, strategies, and activities for you to try out yourself, it is filled with simple pragmatic guidance to help make diary-keeping a sustainable part of your practice.

Reimagining the diary - to include writing, drawing, audio recordings, photographs, scrapbooking, and other approaches - is not only fun and creative, but essential when it comes to understanding yourself and your own complex needs.

By adopting small changes in a way that suits you, you can start to address your individual wellbeing needs and rebalance your work and, more importantly, your life.
Dr Lucy Kelly is an Associate Professor in Education at the University of Bristol, primarily working with PGCE English trainee teachers. She advocates that trainee teachers see themselves as their own biggest resource in the classroom, and that they prioritise their wellbeing from the outset. Her main research interest is reflective practice as a positive tool for educator wellbeing, and she is Principal Investigator for the 'Reimagining the Diary' project, which uses a multimodal Diary Toolkit and ongoing wellbeing CPD to support educators across the country. The team have now launched a student Diary Toolkit, which is currently being tested by 250 year 12 pupils. Lucy has written numerous articles on educator wellbeing and reflective practice and presented her work on podcasts, at conferences and on the radio.
  • Author Lucy Kelly
  • ISBN 9781915261380
  • No. of Pages 140
  • Format Paperback
  • Publication Date 10 Mar 2023