Breaking the Cycle of Dependency in K-12 Education: Using Cognitive Science to Guide Instruction

By Derek Regensburger

Published 03 Sep 2024

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This book seeks to help teachers convert dependent learners into independent learners who can take control of their own learning.
Part One instructs teachers on the conditions that create dependent learners, as well as the principles of human intelligence and learning. It discusses some of the myths and controversies concerning these topics. It also analyzes the cognitive science research on how students learn and what educational practices best promote new learning.
The second half of the book addresses how teachers can create and implement classroom practices that promote the principles of learning and convert dependent learners into independent ones.
The book offers a holistic approach to teaching, focusing on classroom management and relationship building, writing and oral communication, lesson design, and assessment and feedback. It also examines how direct instruction methods can be used in conjunction with active learning strategies like project-based learning to improve student retention of knowledge and increase motivation and engagement.
  • Author Derek Regensburger
  • ISBN 9781036003630
  • No. of Pages 300
  • Format Paperback
  • Publication Date 03 Sep 2024