So What Now? Time for learning in your school to face the future

So What Now? Time for learning in your school to face the future

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This meticulously researched and carefully argued book will serve as a stimulus and resource for educationalists to support their personal and team understanding of the nature of learning, their grasp of the future they are preparing young people for, and their understanding of what leadership is needed for their school to truly face the future.


“It is not the role of schools to solve the climate crisis or any of the other multiple crises now facing humankind. But it is powerfully their role, if they so choose, to equip young people as well as possible to deal with the consequences of the serious problems they will be inheriting from their elders, not betters.”

Could it be our collective failure to respond effectively to the threat of the climate emergency or the challenges of the pandemic has been shaped to a small but significant degree by the nature of the learning that happens in our schools and a failure to enable young people to learn appropriately there?

That question lies at the heart of this thought-provoking new book as it unpicks the concept of deep learning for future sustainability. This combines deep understanding with action, and links both to moral purpose. It is not enough just to be concerned about climate change - awareness must lead to action.

The book draws on an eclectic range of sources, case studies of actual practice, critical perspectives and opportunities for reflection. The authors argue that first and foremost it is for educators and leaders to get on as best they can in their own school context to do what is both necessary and right to secure learning fit for a just and sustainable future irrespective of governmental lead in these matters. In doing so the authors set out some clear evidence-informed principles for school development and leadership that are central to the success of that mission.

About the Authors

Malcolm Groves has worked at the forefront of education innovation, as a teacher, youth worker, adult educator, school leader, inspector, and national adviser. Formerly an NPQH assessor, SIP, and secondary school chair of governors, he is currently a director of the Society of Education Consultants, and a founder director of the pioneering schools research and development network, Schools of Tomorrow.

John West-Burnham is a writer, teacher and independent consultant in education leadership with a particular interest in innovative approaches to learning in schools and communities. He has been a schoolteacher, education officer and has held posts in six universities. John is the author or editor of 30 books. He has worked in 27 countries.

Additional Information

Author Malcolm Groves and John West-Burnham
ISBN 9781915261236
No of pages 284
Format Paperback
Publication Date 27 Jun 2022

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