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  1. Classroom in the Cloud

    Classroom in the Cloud


    Classroom in the Cloud aims to focus the minds of teachers and school leaders to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the online revolution and the emergence of blended learning.

    Alex McGrath, Head of King’s Ely Senior School in Cambridgeshire, argues that with planning and co-ordination, huge benefits can be reaped from new ways of learning, complementing the traditions of British education. He looks at the implications for the UK of e-learning practices and techniques introduced overseas and urges teachers and leaders to face the challenges posed by new technology and embrace change.

    “Important. Timely. Thought-provoking. Anyone involved in schools needs to read this.” Ian Yorston, Director of Digital Strategy, Radley College, Oxfordshire

    “This is a very exciting call to arms, offering good, practical advice to those who may feel out of their depth. It offers a clear debate and a real vision of the future of education in this country.” Gerry Holden, Headmaster of Dover College

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  2. Effective Libraries in International Schools

    Effective Libraries in International Schools

    An 'Effective International Schools Series' publication. Preparing students to be efficient, effective, and independent users of the information world. Learn More

  3. Information Literacy in Action

    Information Literacy in Action

    An 'Effective International Schools Series' publication. Carol Gordon on learning to use information resources effectively. Learn More

  4. Internationalizing Schools

    Internationalizing Schools

    Renowned expert Dr Steven Carber brings together 12 experts in the field of international education to share their experiences and foresight. Learn More

  5. Learning in a Digitalized Age: Plugged in, turned on, totally engaged?

    Learning in a Digitalized Age: Plugged in, turned on, totally engaged?

    All professional learning communities agree that there is added value in utilizing technologies to enhance and facilitate student success. This volume seeks a critical and informed answer to one of the most important educational questions of the day: how successful will learners be in the digital age? Learn More