A new quarterly publication from the brilliant researchED.

researchED is a grass-roots, teacher led conference organisation that works to raise research literacy in education, campaign for evidence based policy, and improve collaboration between all inhabitants of the educational research ecosystem. It was started in 2013 by Tom Bennett, assisted by Helene Galdin-O’Shea, and in the following years has visited three continents and six countries, attracting thousands of followers.

researchED has become one of the most exciting movements in global education. Its commitment to evidence-supported practices and its appeal to everyday practitioners set it apart from other ‘top-down’ organisations. Almost everyone who cares about evidence-supported education improvement finds something of value at an rED event.

The new researchED Journal is being launched in March 2018 to provide another quality platform to further help the teaching profession connect research and practice in the classroom. It supports educators at all levels by encouraging and provoking debate surrounding research, evidence and best practice.

The Journal will quickly become a key part of this global movement to give teachers and school leaders voice and agency in their work, their schools and their systems: a high-quality platform to bring together the voices of teachers, academics and education experts in order to reclaim the space of education discourse.

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